How to use Flickr for Images in Your Blogs


You may have seen that I put a lot of photos in my blogs. I like it, and I find the process inspiring, and it often leads to an insight as the subconscious can come through by indicating a preference for a particular picture. When I reflect on the choice, I often see there is a deeper meaning to it and something that I was reaching for in my writing… I would be interested if you have the same experience. Let me know in the comments.

So here is a step by step guide on how to add Flickr pictures to your posts and more importantly only use ones that you are allowed to and give attribution to the original author.


  1.  Find the image that you want on Flickr.
    1. You need an account –
    2. I used my Student Email – keeps it simple
    3. Once signed up go to the search page –
  2. Searching ONLY photos you are permitted to use
    1. Flickr has great tools to help you narrow your search
    2. Set the license type to – Creative Commons (google it if you don’t what it means)

    3. Finding the right picture
      1. Click the Advanced icon and there is a whole heap of tools that give you really granular control of the results. I like the one that sets the colour to grey as I prefer it for my posts
      2. Use the search bar at the top and be creative as you want to let your subconscious come through and speak to you.
    4. Add the selected photo to your post
      1. On the Flickr page click the share photo icon (bottom right)
      2. Copy the URL from the screen
      3. Click the Add Media button in your post
      4. Paste in the URL
      5. Click the insert into post at the bottom right.
    5. You also need to give attribution to the photographer as this is often a condition of the licence. Besides, it is a nice thing to do.
      1. On the Flickr page, highlight the photographer’s name
      2. Then in your post past the name and the URL will come with it.
    6. The finished product ready for your words.


Image Credit: criptak.h